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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still waiting

It seems all that I do these days is wait for signs that our little girl will join us soon.  Last week I went into the doctor and was dialated 1 cm, this week I was dialated 2 cm and not effaced.  This morning I lost my mucus plug so I hope that gets things moving along a little bit quicker.  Matt wanted to have her this week, but I am pretty sure she won't come for at least a week because I have not felt ANY contractions.  I have not felt any of the braxton hicks, but I know I have them because my tummy gets really hard and I have menstrual like cramps, all a sign my body it preparing for our baby to make her debut.  So now every night matt and I go on walks so that she will drop.  We are getting really excited to see her face and just love everything about her.

I have been soooooo uncomfortable I have never known my back to hurt so bad.  The back pain has been going on for over a month now; thank heavens I have a WONDERFUL husband that gives me back massages every night to help me sleep.  Oh and I have swelled up real nicely especially when I have been on my feet for so long.  I no longer wear my wedding ring just a fake one.  I just can't wait for her to be here :) :)

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